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Get Back On Track With Our Credit Counseling

It’s crucial to have a good credit score for both your personal and business reports as your credit score is used for purchasing a vehicle or property, open up bank accounts, by landlords, potential employers, insurance companies, government agencies, and more.

If your existing credit or financial situation is not looking good, we’re the professionals that can provide you with the personal and business credit counseling services that can handle it all and ensures that your needs are met.

Credit literacy is crucial for success
financial health equals financial wealth. Our E-books are designed to give you a financial edge.

Few consumers know about the complex system of Credit, but through our e-books we teach you how it can minimize your risk and maximize your credit capabilities. We give you the tools to save money, get loans, and start a business, all while you stay comfortable in the knowledge that your Personal Credit is completely protected. Many of the methods we teach in our e-books on how to enhance personal credit are also applicable on a corporate level.

10 Steps To Raise Your Fico Scores
Secrets That The Attorneys Use To Increase FICO Scores Within 90 Days
Secret Codes and Letter to Have 800+ FICO Scores
An accurate and substantiated credit report
Over millions of Americans have negative item in their credit reports that can cost double, even triple digit decreases to your credit.
How does it work?
Understanding the credit counseling process
First, we need some information to verify your identity and securely pull your credit score and report to take a close look.
Next, we’ll give you a credit score, report summary and determine which questionable negative items are wrongfully hurting your score.
Based on your credit, we will leverage the law and recommend the best solution to manage your credit wisely addressing new credit issues as they appear.
Now you know how it works, try it for yourself
Why Restore And Hope
Leaders in credit counseling for over years, we’ve been hard at work for our clients. We know the law and leverage every relevant legal standard for your credit counseling with our lawyer-driven process. Our clients have seen over million removals on their credit reports.
7.3+ M

Removals On Credit Reports

20+ M

Challenges & Disputes Sent

1.3+ M


Trusted for over years this is what our clients are saying
"The most professional and dedicated team I’ve ever met. After three months, I started to see a few changes and I can’t wait for my credit to continue changing. Great job and I could not be happier with the services."
Lucia Castillo
Cooking Instructor
"A great tool and knowledge resource while cleaning my credit rating, I recommend everyone to restoreandhope.com."
Phillip Coffey
Network Administrator
“I can't believe what you've done. I am not the easiest person to reach and I'm definitely not the most organized but you managed to raise my credit score!”
Hugh Christianson
Health Psychologist
Restore And Hope has helped over million people with their credit - let us help you too.
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